HD/TC 2023/002

  1. Our offer is based on the drawings provided to us and is only for Supply of items (C&F) listed in invoice. Any change in size, quantity or specification shall have cost implications.
  2. The rates are applicable for the complete order.
  3. We shall not be held responsible for any delays resulting out of the following sub-clauses. Any delays resulting due to any of the sub clauses indicated below will result in a corresponding increase in the Completion Date of this project, without any liability to us.
    1. Any delays in approval of shop drawings or finish samples or any other submittal made by us beyond 7 days of such submittal to you/consultant.
    2. Any delay resulting due to action/delays from you/consultant.
    3. If there is any change of scope of work or design or specifications post award of contract or issuance of invoice.
    4. Any delays in receipt of payments.
    5. If any conditions of force Majeure arise.
    6. Any delays arising out of variations.
    7. Delays arising out of contractual default by yourself.
    8. Delays caused by 3rd party suppliers/availability of materials.
    9. Delays caused by shipping.
  4. Guarantees & Warrantees: Guarantees for our works shall be for one (1) year from shipping date. All items shall have a standard limited warranty of 1 year provided that the warranty is specified in Hemisphere Design Limited's documentation to the customer. Where it is not specified there is no warranty, implied or intended.
  5. Offer & Price Validity: Our offer is valid for 30 days from the date of submission.
  6. All ordered goods remain the the full property of Hemisphere Design Ltd. until payment is made in full and cleared into Hemisphere Design Limited's nominated bank account.
  7. Storage: Should the project run over specified date of installation and the furniture cannot be installed in a timely manner all related storage costs and fees will be borne by the customer.
  8. Shipping: Seafreight shipping by FLC in one loading is included unless otherwise stated. Hemisphere Design Ltd. will not be liable for any additional shipping, courier or transport costs arising from delay in production or any other event. Shipping dates are advisory only.
  9. Mockups & prototypes: Mockups are based on initial approved drawings and per our custom standard one (1) mockup (of type) is generally given free of charge. If further/additional mockups are required they may attract additional costs.
  10. Spares & attic stocks: We do not consider any spare inventory in our offer.
  11. Materials: Hemisphere Design Ltd. reserves the right to substitute any fabrics or materials should the specified material not be locally available or out of stock.
  12. The following items/works are excluded from our offer unless otherwise stated:
    1. Supply and installation of Light fittings.
    2. Supply and installation of Electrical fittings & Accessories.
    3. Installation of items.
    4. All customs/duties/taxes/levies etc.
    5. Clearance from the destination port & local transportation
  13. All stone tops shall be procured from alternative local suppliers matching to specified stones as closely as technically possible.
  14. No tests are allowed in our pricing but if required the same shall be carried out at client's cost.
  15. Our pricing does not include for any electrical fittings, switches etc. unless otherwise stated.
  16. Necessary cutouts pre-agreed on drawings or mockup shall be done from factory.
  17. All necessary inspections/approvals required will be carried out at the factory site - the cost for the same shall be borne by the client.
  18. All items shall be manufactured as per designer's drawings. We shall not take any responsibility towards copyright, royalties, patent rights, government fees etc.
  19. We shall be indemnified of all design responsibilities as we will be following designer's designs.
  20. All furniture shall be custom manufactured in selected facilities under quality supervision.